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I'm Back!

I confess, I'm guilty of nonchalance and a bit of lazyness.

I was distracted by so many other things that I kind of forgot I had a website.

But Covid 19 came and I was confined by a lockdown of unseen proportions. You all know what I mean so I won't go in to that further.

How are you all doing? Hopefully you're all healthy and well. The holiday season is coming up and we already know it won't be like other years. We're not allowed to see family or friends here in Belgium. It will be hard ...

I will be posting stories again soon.

Keep safe!







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3. jun, 2014
New story every Tuesday!!!

A continuation of Sense and Sensibility
23. jun, 2014
I have tickets for this on Wednesday July 2. Anticipation is runnIng high!

Iedereen heeft nood aan een plekje waar dromen geboren worden. Kom gerust eens kijken naar dat van mij!

Welcome to my dream factory. Feel free to browse.

Mon petit ciel à moi est désormais accessible pour tous ceux qui veulent me rejoindre. Découvrez et savourez à volonté!





bccmee 22.08.2013 15:45

Very cool animation!

Paula M. 26.11.2012 13:24

niet gegregen met e-mail,
maar toch gevonden! ! !
groetjes Paula.

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18.10 | 02:41

HI, could you please send me a PDF of "Mr Thornton Takes A Wife." My email address is: Thanks very much.

21.11 | 06:29

We are so proud: our teacher is also an autor.

22.08 | 15:45

Very cool animation!

02.12 | 22:38

I am happy to have a english teacher with such personality!!