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Geschreven door Paula M., 3. dec, 2012
i am reading your Novel Summaries,
and I love it.
Iis a very nice home exercise ( wel wat zoekwerk) for a first year student ! ! !
have a nice day

Geschreven door Irene, 2. dec, 2012
I am very happy to have a english teacher with such personalityI

Geschreven door Genie, 2. dec, 2012
Good luck with your nice site.
I wish I could read all that is being said.
Nice launghing pad for your find works of literature.

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Geschreven door De Bruyn Rolande, 1. dec, 2012
Mooi dromenhoekje hebt je, zalig om er zelf naar te kijken of er andere mensen te laten van genieten, genoten heb ik, bedankt.....Tot ziens

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Geschreven door Luce, 24. nov, 2012
Took me a while to get what you meant, Adrienne. No, there are no toes involved!

Geschreven door Adrienne, 24. nov, 2012
What a beautiful site Luce! I've read some of your work and absolutely love it! I look forward to reading lots more. Are you asking for a photo of my toe? ------->?! I don't speak Flemish...sorry! And no toe photos for you!


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18.10 | 02:41

HI, could you please send me a PDF of "Mr Thornton Takes A Wife." My email address is: sales@vintagebabyboomers.com Thanks very much.

21.11 | 06:29

We are so proud: our teacher is also an autor.

22.08 | 15:45

Very cool animation!

02.12 | 22:38

I am happy to have a english teacher with such personality!!